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Case Study - Brand-Rex

Environmentally Friendly and Cost Saving Solution for Brand-Rex, a Leviton Company

Established in 1972, Brand-Rex, a Leviton Company, has been dedicated to delivering world-class network infrastructure solutions to support business-critical systems for over 40 years.

Well known for designing, developing and manufacturing the most sophisticated, secure and robust cable and connectivity solutions that carry today’s high-speed data traffic, Brand-Rex core technologies include copper-based and fibre optic cabling systems.

The Brand-Rex Head Office is in Glenrothes, Scotland and is home to a state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution facility that operates around the clock supplying products throughout Europe. With a policy of investing in green energy and technologies, the manufacturing facility has been classed as ‘carbon neutral’ since 2013.
first in intralogistics

Environmental concerns, together with the need for a supplier who could support the busy day-to-day operational requirements were just a couple of the initial reasons why Brand-Rex chose Northern Forklifts as their preferred materials handling partner over 8 years ago.

Based in Glasgow, and with clients all over Scotland, Northern Forklift were chosen to supply a fleet of STILL RX20 Electric Counterbalance Forklifts and FMX Reach Trucks, all with spare batteries to cope with a demanding multi-shift operation. As Health and Safety is a primary concern for Brand-Rex, one of the most important features of the STILL RX20 was ‘lateral battery change’. Rather than having to lift the batteries out with another forklift and sling, the side loading battery feature on the RX20 means that one person can safely change the batteries at low level with a powered pallet truck, therefore removing nearly all the risk in this situation. Other features that impressed included the ergonomic cabin design, operator friendly controls, class leading performance and the extended battery life between charges due to STILL’s efficient sealed AC drive system.

All of the equipment has been on a fully inclusive rental agreement with planned maintenance and breakdown cover (parts inclusive) since new. Regular operational reviews, together with the comprehensive service offered as part of the agreement, as well as the clean working environment, all contributed to the excellent condition of the machines at the end of the last rental agreement. It was at this stage according to Grant Coull, Brand-Rex’s Planning and Logistics Manager, that an idea was discussed that has proved to be a ‘win win’ for both companies.

"As the original fleet came to the end of the second rental term we realised that the only real issues we were having were with the batteries which seemed to struggle towards the end of the shifts", commented Grant. "So it was proposed that we had the current machines refurbished and fitted with brand-new state-of-the-art batteries and chargers that together would require significantly less water topping and reduce the amount of electricity used through more efficient charging. As a company who takes environmental responsibility seriously, having the new batteries and extending the operational life of the forklifts, while at the same time saving money, was a perfect solution for Brand-Rex."

Each machine was refurbished which included being re-painted in the Brand-Rex corporate colours and have once again been supplied on a fully inclusive rental agreement.

To further enhance site safety and improve operational efficiencies, it was agreed that any topping of the new batteries was to be undertaken by the battery manufacturer which means that the Brand-Rex team are able to focus on the jobs in hand rather than having to spend time topping up batteries.

"Right from the outset, we were impressed with the STILL trucks", said Grant. "We wanted high performance and functionality without something being overly complicated. We have also been impressed with Northern Forklift as a partner and the way in which they handle all of our service and training needs. Nothing appears to be too much trouble and they are constantly looking at ways to improve on what is already an excellent working partnership."

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Brand-Rex case study
Brand-Rex case study
Brand-Rex case study
Brand-Rex case study
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