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iGo Easy

Automated Individual Vehicles

iGo Easy

iGo Easy

The iGo Easy system can be installed, fine-tuned and operated intuitively using an iPad.

iGo Easy has been conceived for storage centres with low transport volumes which, until now, could only be practically managed using a manually operated lift truck.

The innovative system is made up of an automated EGV-S 14/20 walk-behind high-lift truck, reflectors, an on-board computer and an iPad, iPad mini or iPod Touch which functions as a remote control. iGo Easy now makes it possible for operators to completely automate simple transport jobs using one single vehicle – without the need for specially trained personnel.

For instance, iGo Easy is ideal for supply and removal processes in production areas where a transport vehicle travels a specific route with horizontal transport of up to 800 mm - conditions commonly found in small and mid-sized companies.

Your benefits as a customer are clear: using iGo easy allows you, for the first time, to use all the advantages of STILL's automation solutions in facilities with low transport volumes and just one vehicle.

  • No damage to shelving due to precise vehicle navigation
  • Gentle transport of goods
  • Customers can independently install and adjust the complete system easily
  • Simple operation using intuitive software and an iPad
  • Investment reduction for facilities with only one vehicle
  • Changes to transport jobs, routes and transfer points can be implemented easily

Alongside the relatively low equipment, maintenance and repair costs, you are also left with an effective reduction in investment and operational expenses.

Of course, the truck can still be operated manually giving the customer a maximum level of flexibility which allows for the fastest possible reaction to changing conditions and situations.

iGo Easy
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