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STILL Reach Trucks

STILL Reach Trucks are characterized by their excellent efficiency, powerful drive and optimal driver visibility as well as operator comfort. These warehouse trucks have a load capacity of 1.0 to 2.5 tons and a lift reach height of up to 13 meters.

The wide variety of models offers the perfect solution for every need and area of use:

The FM-X reach truck is the ideal lift for pallet transport. Its advanced technologies, reliability and efficiency are most impressive. The powerful, maintenance-free electric drive as well as its high level of driver comfort and simple operation guarantee optimized turnover rates. The FM-X may also be implemented as an automized reach truck.

The FM-4W is perfectly equipped as a 4-way lift for the transport of long and bulky loads. The lift can be steered smoothly in all four directions and offers optimized driver comfort as well as maximized safety and stability.

Due to its super-elastic tyres, the FM-X SE is suitable for operation both indoors and out. The tyres' large diameter, high ground clearance and fantastic traction properties provide for optimized turnover even on the most slippery or treacherous of surfaces.

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STILL FM-X Reach Truck


up to 13000 mm
up to 2500 kg
STILL FM-X  SE Reach Truck


up to 8000 mm
up to 2000 kg
STILL ESM Reach Truck


up to 5300 mm
up to 1000 kg
STILL FM-4W Reach Truck


up to 9650 mm
up to 2500 kg
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